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King's KratoM

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Master of Mitragynine 

We guarantee unmatched kratom purity, potency, & price!

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Our kratom is dried indoors which protects the 7-OH & Mitragynine from UV damage after the leaves dehydrate. We have an average of 25% higher alkaloid content.

Dried Indoors For Unmatched Potency


Lab Tested by a 3rd party USA licensed laboratory. We test for both 7-OH 7hydroxymitragynine & Mitragynine opioid-alkaloid to guarantee our kratom is literally the world's strongest

Lab Tested To Guarantee Unmatched 7-OH Alkaloid


We use clear UV Blocking Bottles To Create A Perfect Seal & keep our kratom the freshest & most potent kratom on the market! "We make the best choice clear!"


UV Blocking Bottles For Unmatched Quality


We money back guarantee you will prefer our kratom over any other source globally, We have redefined what the best means & are here to amaze you.

Money Back Guaranteed Unmatched Satisfaction



"We are here to evolve American business, we money back guarantee you will have the best buying experience of your life."
Sterling c. Tucker
Founder of King's Kratom
save thy neighbor


Join the “Save They Neighbor” American hero movement & we will give you 10% off for life. Together we can spread the information needed to end the opioid epidemic. Kratom gives us the ability to end an epidemic & make our country safer & more productive than ever before. 

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